Bread & Rolls


Crusty Sourdough full of flavour and goodness

Assortment of Bread Rolls

We do a large range of rolls in white, wholemeal and wholegrain flours. From the traditonal style to Ciabatta, Focaccia’s, Panini’s Turkish Breads and Lavash

Wholemeal Sunflower Cob

Wholemeal Bread with Sunflower Seeds inside and out.

Cheese and Olive Pullapart

Cheese and Black Olives in a White Chopper Loaf

Hightop White rolled in Sunflower and Poppy Seeds

The Traditional ‘Hightop’ Loaf with a twist; rolled in Sunflower and Poppy Seed

White 680g Loaf

Premium white flour goes into our champion loaves.

Pies & Savoury Pastries

Assortment of Family Size Quiches

Perfect for catering or even just an easy lunch or dinner

Family Size Asparagus Quiche

Asparagus spears and cheese quiche

Family Size Spinach and Tomato Quiche

Spinach leaves and fresh tomatoes in a quiche

Family Size Ham and Cheese Quiche

Ham and Cheese Quiche or ‘Quiche Lorraine’

Spinach & Ricotta Slice

Ricotta with Spinach in a pillow of pastry

Sausage Roll

Beef Sausage roll

Vegetarian Pastie

Vegetables and brown rice wrapped in a pastie.

Egg, Cheese,Beef and Bacon

Beef base with bacon, a cracked egg and cheese on top

Beef and Green Peppercorn Pie

Beef and green peppercorns with a touch of cheese

Beef, Pea and Potato Pie

Beef and potato with the traditional Blue Boiler Peas

Goliath Fruit Loaf

A Multigrain Fruit Loaf with dates and walnuts added to it. Great for breakfast, snacks or even on a cheese platter.



For just a little treat to a highly decorated celebration cake. Singular or towers.

Small Bee Sting

A light bun filled with fresh cream and custard. Topped with a crisp honey almond topping.

Rum Balls

These dense chocolate rum flavoured masses, seem to be getting bigger and bigger! Tell us your specifications when you order them.

Mini Mud Cake

Beautiful Chocolate Mud Cakes topped with fresh cream and strawberries. Buy them singular or order on mass as a celebration dessert presented on a cupcake tower.


Children, and quite a few adults are drawn to this sweet treat.

Ginger Bread Men

What do you eat first? The buttons, the arms, the legs or the head?

Minimum Order Time in Days-1 day prior to 1pm

Large Fruit Flan

For those not wanting a cake. This chocolate lined pastry shell with custard and fresh cream with glazed fruit is a nice alternative.

Iced Donuts

Everyone loves a donut every now and then!


Custard and glazed fruit on a soft pillowy pastry

Chocolate Croissant

Folds of buttery pastry with dark chocolate

Minimum Order Time in Days-1 day prior to 5pm


Melt in your mouth buttery pastry.

Apple Strudle Slice

From a slice size to a slab this apple, sultana and currant spiced dessert is finished in a spice glazed pastry

Lemon Cheese Cake Slice

Lemon is just one variety of cheesecakes that we do. From cream to baked, all are superb

Celebration Cakes

Spider Chocolate Mud Cake

Rich Chocolate Mud Cake made into a Red Back Spider!

Autumn Wedding Cake

A tier of Mars Bar Mud Cake and a tier of White Chocolate Cake is what’s under this elegantly finished cake.

Fresh Cream Strawberry Torte

Layers of light Sponge Cake, Fresh Cream and Strawberries

Blackforest Torte

Layers of Chocolate Sponge, Fresh Cream, Black Cherries and Liquor

Minimum Order Time in Days- 1 day prior to 1pm

Gluten Free

Gluten Free Choc Chip Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are just the start of a line up of Gluten Free treats.

Gluten Free Bread

Told often the best Gluten Free Bread, ever!

On the Go

Espresso Medium

Local Zentvelds coffee for those on the go

Assortment of ‘Lunchbox Fillers’

An alternative to a ‘cut’ sandwich. Great in the Lunchbox.

Spinach and Cheese Scroll

Spinach leaves and cheese rolled up into a bread scroll and baked

Ham, Cheese and Pineapple Pizza Roll

Ham, Cheese and Pineapple Topping, not just a favourite with the kids.

Vegetarian Pizza Roll

Jammed Full of Vegetarian Toppings.

Sunflower Deluxe Filled Roll

Turkey Breast, Sundried Tomatoes, Camembert, Spinach and Red Onion on a Pesto lined Wholemeal Sunflower Roll.

Jumbo Sandwiches

Our famous Jumbo Sandwiches come with an array of fresh fillings.

Filled Panini

A freshly baked Panini roll, filled with fresh ham and salad.


Hot Cross Buns

Packed full of fruit and just enough spice